Saturday, 28 April 2012

I still have so much to live for

Everyday I'm thankful  that the Almighty granted me another day with my love ones.
But I can’t stop wondering how my day is going to turn out because1 minute I  feel  I can take on the world and the next minute  I’m too tired too even breathe. And wonder where the pain is going to hit me or what name I'm going to call my kids by L
Sometimes lupus with all its side effects really hits me hard. I try to put on a brave face but when I’m alone, my emotions  of weakness and fear shows.
I still have so much to live for, so many things I still want to experience; I still want to see my son settle in a career and get married. And go dress hunting  with my daughter  for a matric ball dress. And of course fulfil the 5 the pillar of my religion and that is to go for Gadj to the holy city Makkah.
In Shaa Allah “God’s willing"
Life with lupus is tough and hard but I have to be strong and try not to give up but try to face each minute of each day that is granted to me and face whatever day the day brings for me.


  1. Fatgieyah Lee
    Slm my sista,no one no wot you really go tru,I no it cannot be easy,you will only no if you go tru it. May Allah ease all your pain and struggle. May Allah except all your duas and wot ever you ask for. Remba you much closer to Allah and your duas is very mustajab. So neva give up,keep on asking,complaining and nagging,as Allah love us more if we does it. Neva give up on HIM as HE neva give up on us. You always in my duas. Love you

  2. Ameen & i agree with Fatgieyah. Never give up, loose hope or the faith & trust you have in the power of Allah, it can only make you stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually. May Allah accept this beautiful dua made by you and for you, increase your strength and motivation Insha Allah. Like Fatgieyah said, you much closer to Allah then we are, so keep us all in your duas Insha Allah.