Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I love them beyond infinity

29 April 2014

2 years ago I was wondering if I  was still going to be around today to see my son "Imtiyaaz" finding his spot in the workplace.

 He started his second job 1 year ago and tomorrow he is going for an assessment at another company.In Shaa Allah I hope he

 Ace the assessment so that he can qualify for an interview. So proud of the young man he is becoming :)

 My worse fear was that I wasn't going to be   around to see my daughter do her matric and celebrate her 18th birthday but Algamdoelilaah Allah Swt granted me the opportunity to witness all of the above :-)

Soon I will be able to go with my daughter "Mumtaz" to shop for her matric ball dress and do all the things a mom and daughter does together in preparations for a ball.

 I am so thankful for being blessed with 2 amazing, loving and caring children. They are my pillar of strength, my reason for living
 I love them beyond infinity and because of them I’ve been kicking lupus's butt for the last 8 years
May they both blessed all the days of their lives with good health and happiness and may the continue to be followers of The Sunnah of our holy Prophet Mogamat SAW.

May Allah Swt grant me the health and strength to be around to witness them walking down the aisle and to meet my grand-children Ameen In Shaa Allah

Friday, 11 April 2014

Lupus Cape Town


I always knew and believed I was given Lupus for a reason. From the beginning of my diagnoses 8 years ago I wanted to start a lupus support group already, but due to this, that or the other reason I just didn’t get to it

 Finally 2 weeks ago Algamdoelilaah with the koedrat and the hiedayah of The Almighty I did it."Lupus Cape Town" up and running.May Allah Swt grant me the strength and hiedayah to run this group to the best of my ability.Shukran/Thank you to everyone who believes in me and who supported and who are still supporting me in this endeavour. Meetings will be held the last Saturday of every month at my place until we find a suitable venue. And the support group is not just for lupies but for everyone who is interested learning more about lupus, gout, arthritis, diabetes etc




May is Lupus awareness month  and I have decided to host a Ladies Lupus awareness evening.

Arrangements and sales of tickets are going very well Algamdoelilaah