Sunday, 3 May 2015

When SALIVA and TEARS becomes a huge problem in my life.

We tend to always take the little things in life for granted. I never knew my life would be so complicated without TEARS and SALIVA.
Lately eating has become a nightmare to me, I try to stay away from food which needs a lot of chewing. But it’s not always as easy and simple. I am refraining from foods that I love EG: fish, chicken, steak  etc. Even eating certain fruit and bread is also a problem. One of the diseases I have  called Sjogrens, causes my white blood cells to dry out the glands that produces moisture in my body. And to chew and digest any food you need your saliva. It also helps protecting the teeth and gums from bacterial infection, and it spreads the taste of whatever you eating around your mouth.So is basically it enhance the ability of the taste buds to detect the taste of food.Saliva also makes it easier to talk,a fact ask anyone who experience stage fright and the associated dry mouth while giving a presentation.It is the worse feeling ever.I am now looking at substituting my solid foods with healthy shakes,so that my body still gets the necessary nutrients and supplements it requires to function on a daily basis.

Never in my wildest dream ever thought I would miss my tears as I miss it today.
In the past whenever I you watched a sad movie or read a sad book,I would cry my heart out.Sometimes when I felt emotional or depressed, I could just have a cry and then I would feel better but now it is so difficult to deal with my emotions as I literally can’t cry.I see tears as the only emotional form that is real.Tears are the only thing that anyone can understand, see, or touch.But How do I express my joy,happiness,hurt,anger if I don’t have tears.

The one thought that is always crossing my mind is that what if someone close to my die tomorrow, how I will be able to express my loss.What if I get the honour to go perform Hadj or Umrah one day? People always  talk  about how they cry the first time they see The Holy Kaabah and how they cry The day of Arafat.Will I be able to experience all that emotions too?
Allah Swt knows best,May Allah Swt make it easy for all of us.
Ameen In Shaa Allah.