Friday, 4 May 2012

Superwoman and the Wolf "lupus"

Some of my family and friends have the greatest admiration for me and refer to me as a Superwoman.
But if they only knew all the emotions that I hide behind my smile.
The constant pain I’m enduring, the depression and fear, confusion and frustration and the uncertainties about the future.
For the battle that I’m fighting is not an easy one. It sometimes takes away all my fighting spirit.
But I’m trying to be strong because a strong woman won't let anything get the best of her...
Cause a woman of strength won't give in to her fears and  weaknesses. She will continue fighting.
That’s why I appeal to my Creator to grant me the  strength and courage to  keep on fighting my battle with the wolf “lupus” like a SUPERWOMAN would do!


  1. you are superwoman to many out there, because no matter how OFF you feel, there is still a smile on your dial. regardless of your body aching like hell. you feeling lethargic or whatever else you may be faced with. be strong, we all love and care about you we all make duah for you on a daily always

  2. love you my sister......36 years>>>>a lifetime to many. we still laugh about real quirky things