Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Is my Angel realy 16 years old

This week started off on very negative note for me. My medical board application was declined.
But Tawalkaltoe Allah. He knows best. There are a lot of implications that goes with the outcome that is not favourable to me.The worst  one is I won’t have medical  aid anymore which is very important  for me for all the meds that I’m on and all the specialist that I’m seeing. It’s been a stressful few days for me and because stress is not good for lupus, I haven’t been feeling too well.
But today is a very special day for me. It’s my daughter’s 16th birthday.
So I’m just going to enjoy the day and forget about my problems. We are having a party for her friends. It seems like yesterday that I gave birth to this beautiful baby and today its 16 years later. She is now a pretty, loving and caring young lady. Mumtaz is not the average 16 year old teenager. She is much matured for her age. Because of my condition she never really had the chance to be a child. During the period I received chemo therapy she had to take over my role in the house.
Ever since I was diagnosed with lupus I could count on her help. Whether it’s with chores in the house or rubbing me out when I have severe pain or reminding of little things I forget.
She is truly a blessing and my guardian Angel.
The party went off very well .Even though I was totally exhausted and full of pain at the end of the night; it was all worth it for my Angel.

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