Saturday, 7 July 2012

If first you don't succeed,try again and again.

Yes I know I've made my  last entry on 1st June but .June was a  kind of a rough and stressful month for me but ended on a positive note. I received the results of my kidney biopsy. Lupus is now active in my kidneys too. There is a possibility that I   have to go for Cyclophosphamide “chemotherapy “to suppress the lupus. The after affects from Cyclophosphamide is the worst ever. The endless day of vomiting and feeling ill .It is something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy .But if it takes that to suppress the lupus I will have to go for it.
The last few weeks was quit hectic for me as I was busy with my appeal for medical board application. And Algamdoelilaah with the Koedrat of The Almighty I won the appeal. Momentum approved my application. I’m now officially medically boarded.Which means I will now still receive the benefits as before and I am still in a medical fund. With lupus and any other dreaded diseases it is very important to be in a medical fund. I’m now just waiting on  the Group life which is with Sanlam for an outcome. I am scheduled to go for a three hour assessment by their clinical Psychologist and her findings will determine whether it will be approved or not.
Due to the cold and wet weather I’m in constant pain especially early mornings and late afternoons. Even though it’s sometimes very bad I try not to let it get to me.
Now that I won the appeal it feels like a heavy load was lifted form my shoulders. I feel so relieved and content and I can now take on anything the world throws at me even chemotherapy   J lol
These last few months I’ve learned not to give up or give in. We must fight for our rights and for what It is due to us and if at first we don’t succeed we must try again.


  1. It's sometimes hard to find the correct thing to say...but you are an inspiration to me. Shukran for redefining what it means to be brave. I wish you love an peace. Ishrene

  2. I agree with Anonymous above- I sometimes visit your blog or read your FB updates and am uncertain as to what one says in the face of such suffering. But I too find you extremely inspiring - your positivity and faith are a lesson to all.