Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Shukran/Thank you to everyone for walking this journey with me

Before I had lupus…
I had never experienced the “lupus fog” like forgetting simple things.
I never had a problem forgetting my kid’s childhood and dear memories of my loving Mom and Sister that I lost .I was efficient and I had the memory of an elephant
I never felt constant fatigue and never suffered constant muscle and joint pain
I never felt so much frustration, anxiety, depression and mood swings
I never had to pull a chair to the counter to peel potatoes or onions.
I never had to sit and make Salah /prayer
I never had to feel guilty for not fasting the month of Ramadan/fast
I never had to tell my family and friends I don’t feel like going out
I never was too tired to have visitors and play the perfect hostess.
I was never too tired   to do things with my children like going to the mall/movies
I’ve learned to appreciate each and every moment or day I’ve felt well because I never know how soon that feeling will change.
I’ve realized that my kids really can help with chores and be independent
And that I have a husband, kids, family and friends that I can depend on.
And most of all I realized that I’m not alone in this battle,I am Blessed with supportive, loving and caring family and friends.


  1. And YOU my dear, are a blessing to so many others!!!

    1. Thank you my friend and so are you <3