Thursday, 9 April 2015

Emotionally and physically I’m not in a good space :(

So I haven’t updated my blog in ages but I promise from today on I will try my outmost best to update it on a regular basis.
Since I last up dated I was diagnosed with 2 other diseases:Sjogrens and Osteoporosis

Emotionally and physically I’m not in a good space. My osteoporosis was brought on by my long term steroid treatment for my lupus. My bones are now very brittle and I have to be careful not to fall and fracture a bone. It will be detrimental to my body and the recovery period will be very long. From all the diseases I was diagnosed with the last 11 years being diagnosed with osteoporosis hit me the hardest. Because of Sjogrens my mouth is constantly dry and my tear ducks are dried out which means I don’t produce tears and I also don’t have any taste buds

I am not questioning my Creator but I am only human and sometimes it all gets too much for me. And I asked myself how much more pain must and can I still endure, what is next on the list for me. Pain is hitting me from all over.Lupus,fibromyalgia,Sjogrens and Osteoporosis are all causing pain. I always had my on and off days but now it seems as if I have more on then off days. I go sleep with pain and wake up with pain and its really getting to me.

But what can I do…I must try to remain strong and positive even though it’s not always easy just to ignore the discomfort and pain but I always tell myself Allah Swt won’t give me anything I can’t handle and there is people that are worst off than me.
May Allah Swt may it easy for all the sick people,ease their pains and fill their hearts with sabr and contement Ameen In Shaa Allah

Sjogrens  syndrome is an autoimmune disease that mainly affects the eyes and salivary glands, but can affect different parts of the body. In more serious cases of sjorgen’s syndrome, the immune system can attack other parts of the body, causing symptoms and conditions such as dry skin tiredness and fatigue – which are common and can lead to total exhaustion, muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness and swelling ,vasculitis  (inflammation of blood vessels)

Osteoporosis is a bone condition that makes bones thinner and more fragile because of reduced bone density, and it puts people at risk of fractures, especially of the hip, spinal vertebrae and wrist. are some key points about osteoporosis. Postmenopausal women are most likely to get the condition, but it also affects men and younger people. There are risk factors for osteoporosis, including avoidable causes such as smoking. There are no symptoms caused by the loss of bone density in osteoporosis. Fractures are most likely in the spine, hip and wrists. Diagnosis is made directly via a special X-ray-based scan, but sometimes ultrasound. Treatments include drugs that prevent or slow down bone loss, exercise programs, and dietary adjustments, including extra calcium and vitamin D.Taking measures to avoid falls is important in the prevention of fractures in people who have osteoporosis.

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  1. I tried to post a comment yesterday but it did not work. I'm just so sorry you are adding another diagnosis to you list. It's horrible when you start getting diseases caused by the medication! I know how strong your faith is and how strong you are, but there are just times we have to say how tired of it all we are and how weary it makes us. You are no less beautiful for it and your honesty helps others like me, who can feel so alone on this journey. It IS difficult and we DO get tired. Thank you for your honesty Mariam. I love you and am praying for you - for all of us. Thank you for just being real.